Who We Are

We are a leading Ornamental fish exporter in Sri  Lanka

Aquastar Aquarium  is an ornamental tropical fish breeder and exporter with over 15 years of experience in tropical fish breeding. We started with breeding fresh water ornamental aquarium fish in our own farms and targeted on export market, where we succeeded and was fortunate to cater many reputed clientele. Since 1998, Aquastar Aquarium   started export operation serving European ornamental fish industry and began exporting to North American and Asian countries within very few years.

Aquastar Aquarium   Along with harmonious cooperation of our network of breeders and suppliers, we are able to provide wide range of tropical fish for your needs. We breed mostly Tetras, Guppys, Mollys, Swordtails, platys, Discuss, Goldfish, Cape and many others with the addition of our expert diving team to the company, we have been successful in hand caught marine water ornamental fish from the Indian ocean surrounding the beautiful country of Sri Lanka which is very rich in its bio-diversity, well within the country and also within its marine boundaries. Thus we have been able to supply the extensive demands for colorful, hand-caught fish to clients from all over the world, especially from Europe and the Middle East.

We are Ornamental fish exporter company operating under the control by Department of aquatic resources Sri Lanka, Ministry of Fisheries Sri Lanka, Department of Wild life. Registered Member of Export Development board and Animal Health Quarantine Sri Lanka that confirm our company operate with standard for export to all countries and we can prepare all document on request.

We are delighted to extend our quality service to clients and hobbyists who place their trust and interests on ornamental fish and any related services. We welcome all the fish lovers all over the world to join hands with Aquastar Aquarium Sri Lanka.

Therefore, if you’re in search of a reliable and well reputed expert in ornamental live fish export industry, choosing “Aquastar Aquarium”  to cater your requirements would be one of the best choices you make in your life which you would never have to regret about.