Company Profile

Aquastar is a reputed company having more than two decades of experience, based in the western province, in Sri-Lanka exporting ornamental live fish, marine and fresh water fish to many European and other countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, and Hongkong and middle eastern countries State of Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Since we are well established in the business we are now with confidence exploring new business partners to have long lasting business relations based on the mutual benefits and profits.

Aquastar is major player in the marketplace for ornamental, marine and fresh water fish export. As an innovative company continuously striving for expanding our range of verities we look for new good reliable business partners in various countries. Arm with numerous years of experience We are capable of supplying the best for our customers. To maintain our market leadership, we focus our attention on optimizing the efficiency of our verities, efficiency of our packaging, excellent logistic frame work and order processing we provide premium quality with competitive prices.

Aquastar assortments includes an extended range of Ornamental, fresh and marine water fish such as Blue Neon, King cobra – yellow, Black balloon – Molly, Sword tail – Red Lilly Gourami etc. at present we do have more than 80 verities of sea salt water, Fresh water and Lagoon water fishes.

Aquastar’s strategy for Quality Assurance –

  • Follow and aim for highest standard
  • Core of quality assurance form Aquastar to the buyer.
  • One quality to all our worldwide buyers.
  • Supplier rating system that ensures only choose the best
  • Pro- active communication
  • The company provide clear and accurate information to the buyers.
  • Delivery that meets the buyers, which makes zero recalling of the delivery.
  • Educate to stay ahead.
  • The company ensures that workforce and buyers remain up to date in their knowledge of cutting- edge procedures and practices and ensure transparency,

We as Buyer’s value have a safe working environment – through this environment we commit to “not knowingly conduct trade with buyers who do not respect ethical, social, environmental, and humanitarian responsibilities. This way we provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and make sure that this is practiced by our local suppliers too.

As a supply company we comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the country of origin as well as the countries of destination.  We organize the supply chain with business partners’ who commit themselves to work in accordance with the practice in compliance with internally recognized standards. we contribute and committed to transparency and open communication regarding the supply of all our fish varieties. We actively promote the use of certified sustainable species as an ongoing process to ensure the optimal use of the resources of our country.

We as a reputed company in exporting live fish we address the following issues too;

  • Quality and food safety
  • Transparency
  • Environment
  • Fishing practices
  • Aquaculture practices
  • Social and ethical practices


Aquastar strongly encourages the use of environmentally sound methods in procuring and sourcing, transportation and storage of live fish by facilitating the development and transfer of appropriate technologies.

Aquastar and its present buyers are aware that certain fishing and aquaculture practices may result in irreversible ecosystem degradation. As far as it is reasonably possible we care that;

  • All business activities are designed and constructed in ways that minimize damage and are in compliance with local legislation
  • Good aquaculture and fishing practices are encouraged in support of practical and cost-effective strategies to ensure that relevant environmental performance standards are monitored and met
  • Appropriate incentives for responsible environmental performance (to suppliers and employees)
  • Initiatives to minimize sediments, and waste and all discards associated with aquaculture, fishing, harvesting, storing and transporting practices are encouraged.

We follow the following fishing practices in our business;

  • No fish from any illegal sources
  • Conservation and management measures must be in place to ensure the sustainability of fish resources at optimal levels
  • To actively support for the conservation of essential fish ecosystems and the rehabilitation of fish population and ecosystem
  • The use of new technologies, methods and applications that can contribute to minimizing the loss of fish.


Where possible Aquastar stimulates good aquaculture practices. Special care is taken to the following points;

  • Fish health and welfare are looked after and monitored using carefully planned measures (regarding density, aeration, feeding, water monitoring, qurant5ine are time. Treatment, parasite control etc.), to make sure that fish is properly treated and medicine used is in accordance with the veterinarian’s prescription.
  • Conservation and management measures are in place to ensure the sustainability of fish resources in optimal levels.
  • All chemicals (if used) are subjected to strict controlling mechanism in order to assure the fish welfare, quality and safety.
  • Fish feed is used in accordance with the legislation and regulation of the country of origin as well as exported countries.
  • Water is regularly monitored to make sure that it is not contaminated and untreated water is not discharged to the neighboring communities

We follow the following social and ethical practices;

  • We provide safe and healthy working environment to our employees and workers.
  • Employees and workers throughout the whole supply chain are adequately trained in order to perform their tasks as expected and in line with the code of conduct of the company
  • No forced labour used in the whole process (ILO convention 29 & 105)
  • All rights of the employees and workers are respected. (ILO conv. 87 & 88)
  • Child labour is prohibited. (ILO conv. 138 & 182)
  • No discrimination is tolerated (ILO conv. 111)
  • Local laws and regulations on workers’ wages and benefits are adhered to.


All our employees and work force are recruited from the local area where the company is located. The reason being as a local company we support the local communities to build their lively hood and sustain their families. The opportunity to work in our company gives them an income to educate their children to become the future leaders of our nation. All our employees are from the local vicinity and we as a company encourage the members of our team to send their children to the schools and collages to have their basic education. Furthermore, we do have gatherings and celebrations for all our local cultural and religious evens celebrated to promote peace and harmony among the different ethnic and religious communities. 

Aquastar deals with and export ONLY quality ornamental live fish, and we do so at the most affordable and considerable prices with the best quality.

We are out to serve you with nothing less than the best quality with the numerous verity of live fish from the island of Sri Lanka.