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About Aquastar Aquarium

Ornamental Tropical Fish Breeder & Exporter

Aquastar Aquarium is an ornamental tropical fish breeder and exporter with over 15 years of experience in tropical fish breeding. We started with breeding fresh water ornamental aquarium fish in our own farms and targeted on export market, where we succeeded and was fortunate to cater many reputed clientele. Since 1998, Aquastar Aquarium started export operation serving European ornamental fish industry and began exporting to North American and Asian countries within very few years.

Ornamental Tropical Fish Exporter

Network of Breeders, Suppliers & Exporter

We are one of the leading networked breeding farm and catch collector from wide places in the Island of  Sri Lanka whereby we are available supply all kind of aquarium fish and we stand the choice of best aquarium fish supplier to deliver high quality and reasonable price to the customer.

Why Aquastar Aquarium

Availability, Competitive Pricing, High Quality Control

Quality and cost are very important. While maintaining high quality, we offer competitive pricing. In today’s business world economic hardships, cutting cost, finding breakthroughs, or perhaps simply trying new supplier could be one way to ensure your business to grow beyond. If you are looking for a serious and professional live tropical fish supplier with caring services Aquastar Aquarium is one to consider.